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Special Events

Parent Get-Togethers

In an effort to help families make connections, Class Parents schedule informal "get-togethers" so that parents can meet and get to know each other. These may be held at the school or someone's home or a local coffee shop, and they are scheduled during school time. We also host "Parents' Night Out" events as well as parent education workshops on various topics.

Mystery Readers

During the month of November, the school-wide theme is "Favorite Books". Parents and/or family members are invited to sign up to share a favorite children's book with their child's class as the "Mystery Reader." It's great fun when the Mystery Reader knocks on the classroom door, and the children find out his/her identity! Also during November, we host an evening "Pajama Party". It's a fun night for families to come to school, enjoy stories and participate in literacy activities. 

Special guests

We routinely invite members of the community to come in to our school. Doctors, nurses, artists, veterinarians, and firefighters are just a few of the community members who visit our classes to share their talent and experience with the children. We also love having our parents come in and share their interests and expertise with our classes.

School Picnic

At the end of each school year, families are invited to a Katonah Playcare Early Learning Center picnic held at Lewisboro Town Park. It's a great time for all including food, entertainment and good family fun. This is a wonderful way to end the school year and kick off summer.

Holiday Food Drive​

In December, Katonah Playcare Early Learning Center focuses on "Caring, Sharing and Staying Healthy." As part of this unit, the school conducts a "Food Drive". This helps the children to become aware of how to help those who are less fortunate. We also participate in other various community outreach programs throughout the school year.

Art Show
student art show

During the month of March, each class explores art and artists, culminating in our Annual Art Show in April.


The children explore different mediums of art as well as looking at the works of different artists, studying and discussing their artistic style, and creating their own artwork that is influenced by each artist.


Friedrich Groebel, the father of kindergarten, believed that young children should be involved in both making their own art and enjoying the art of others. Groebel recognized, as we believe, that making art and enjoying the art of other people and cultures are very important to the development of the whole child.

Our goal is for the children to be inspired by art and feel that they can express themselves and take risks. We encourage them to make choices and be confident in what they are doing. And, as always, to have fun!

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